Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus)

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Female Marsh Harriers are the most common raptors of greek wetlands. In winter in vast wetlands there can be found dozens of them.


This is a female individual except if it’s a case of a “homosexual” male. In this species sometimes males could be very similar to females as to have an advantage by accessing the females more easily without “fighting” with the other males.


White-winged Black Tern

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One of the more spectacular birds to watch and photograph are the Terns !
Unlike Sterna Terns, Chlidonias (here Chlidonias leucopterus-Αργυρογλάρονο) genre prefer to hunt insects or small fishes, flying smoothly with sudden changes of direction. Sometimes they dive vertically from low height above water.



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Jynx torquilla (Στραβολαίμης) it’s a very distinctive Woodpecker species, as instead of the other European woodpeckers, it makes a long distance migration, coming from Africa every spring. Although it’s not a rarity, it’s always a great observation in the field and much more in an urban area.


Blackcap (female)

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Sylvia atricapilla (Μαυροσκούφης) is not at all a rarity but it’s always a challenge to photograph this Warbler, especially the female which is one of my favorite ones ! It must be no more than 2 times i managed more than decent photos of this usually well hidden in the dense foliage warbler .


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3 months ago i had my first observation of a 1CY Rissa tridactyla (Τριδάχτυλος Γλάρος). It was found among several Black Headed Gulls. When we approached to assure that it was a Kittiwake and not another Black Headed Gull we were very lucky that while all the Gulls took off, only the Kittiwake landed again, on exactly the same place, after no more than 1 minute. So we enjoyed a great session with many many photos !


Common Kestrel

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Falco tinnunculus – Βραχοκιρκίνεζο

Bar tailed Godwit

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Low angle photo of a Limosa lapponica (Θαλασσολιμόζα) a Wader species which appears in Greece in very small numbers mainly during autumn migration.