Pernis apivorus


This summer i was lucky having two nice surprises, meeting and capturing 2 Honey Buzzards (Σφηκιάρης) roosting on trees. The above one, which was unfortunately against the sun, was at Kithira island, where during the autumn migration (early August – end September) one can enjoy one of the most spectacular things in wildlife, the Raptors migration. Honey Buzzards are the most numerous migrants.


The second one was from the forests in the Prespa area, one of the most rich and beautiful National Parks in Greece and in the whole Europe. I observed there 98 species in the heart of the greek hot summer !
Take also a look at my last years meeting with a beautiful male individual

29/8/2013 and 8/7/2013

~ by Sterna hirundo on 04/10/2013.

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