Unusual Grey Wagtail behavior


A month a ago i captured a “strange” behavior from a Motacilla cinerea (Σταχτοσουσουράδα).


The bird attacked the car side mirror several times, probably trying to pursuit the intruder !!


It was the third time this year i noticed such a behavior form this species at the exactly same place.


~ by Sterna hirundo on 02/03/2013.

3 Responses to “Unusual Grey Wagtail behavior”

  1. I have the same behavior every year with Blue Tits that nest in hole in a hole in my house wall.its territorial

  2. A couple of years ago a female blackbird did this in my garden, it pecked the mirror a couple of times then started grooming itself in front of it.. i think its kinda normal.

  3. Yes it seems they believe it as an intruder – different individual – and they attack it for territorial reason. Lost energy !

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