Plectrophenax nivalis


Ten days ago we had a great birding success during the third Greek Wildlife Photography Meeting, organized by Chris Vlachos at the area of the 4 lakes of NW Macedonia (Vegoritida, Xeimaditida, Petron, Zazari).


In a close distance one could visit Kaimaktsalan alpines fields, through the road towards the ski center.
So we went there with Giorgos Alexandris the second day of the meeting.
The Mountain as we expected was covered with snow from the very low altitudes.


We hoped to observe and capture alpine birds like Shore Larks, Alpine Accentor or even better the Snow Finch. Instead of the last two we met a male Snow Bunting (Χιονοτσίχλονο) a super rarity for Greece, as this was only the sixth record ! The bird was feeding in frenzy at the uncovered from snow parking areas. Two Shore Larks were also there, but as expected we were dedicated to the accidental visitor from far North. Very soon we shared the observation with many more Photographers who were participating in the meeting. The cold (0-4 degrees) and the strong wind increasing the sense of the cold, did not at all prevent as from staying there for at least 3 hours !.



~ by Sterna hirundo on 11/02/2013.

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  1. Finally is the seventh observation for Greece !

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