Pernis apivorus

I’m so grateful to this male Honey Buzzard (Σφηκιάρης), who landed very close to me, on my left side and gave me no more – but enough – than 2,5 sec of pause.
It was already 18:30, not so late as we were still in the middle of the summer, but as it was my first day in the heart of the dense forest of Elatia at Rodopi mountain range, the light was fading away as if it was sunset. Surprisingly several minutes before i had changed ISO Settings to 1600 ! It seems too high but it was the reason that i avoided a shaken Honey Buzzard as it gave a satisfactory 1/250 shutter speed (the 1.4 converter was already disconnected). I managed 4 photos, before he took off and very quickly disappeared from view.
Rodopi forests are included in the 4 or 5 most beautiful forest in Europe. A part of them is the virgin forest of Fracto (i think that there are no more than 3 virgin forests in Europe). Several tree and bird species live there, in the southernmost edge of their distribution.
It is one of my best efforts since the beginning of the Wildlife Photography in Greece competition the summer of 2011. This competition “promote” the beauty of wildlife in Greece with plenty of wonderful photos !



~ by Sterna hirundo on 18/10/2012.

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