Apus apus – Apus melba

Focused on target = 1 maybe 2
Out Of Focus = 100 +

The effort to capture Swifts in the air – it couldn’t be anywhere else with these creatures – is a very difficult issue. Nevertheless there are also some advantages which can help a lot. They tend to fly in a routine way, repeating the same flight routes, especially when they have find a tiny wetland in summer.
They fly like devils with extreme speed and in subnormal directions, but they are there, they are not at all afraid of humans and can give several close distance opportunities. Pikrodafni stream is an urban stream where the Swifts prefer to instantly land on the water surface during summer season.
Even with a nearly broken neck and after much time of effort, more or less i think i managed to achieve capturing them.
The Alpine Swift has an impressive distribution, breeding from the highest peaks of the mountains to the highest floors of buildings in the cities, even in the more crowded places.


~ by Sterna hirundo on 03/08/2012.

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