Canis aureus

This was my highlight observation during the early May 2nd Wildlife Photography meeting at Evros prefecture
All of sudden, two Golden jackals (Τσακάλια) were appeared running in the wetland.
I managed two obligatory panning shots as it was nearly sundown so i could not have a satisfactory shutter speed.



~ by Sterna hirundo on 18/06/2012.

4 Responses to “Canis aureus”

  1. What a marvelous site, a real treasure. You offer an encyclopedia of information, worthy of putting on paper. I’ll follow you for the joy of seeing nature up-close, and the inspiration you share. Thank you so much.

  2. Tks really a lot. Your comment is great motivation for me to continue this effort.

  3. Believe that saw a couple of jackals at Parnitha last Saturday, north from Flabouri, off-beaten track but unfortunately didn’t manage to shoot a photo of them….
    They were not the golden species; they didn’t have dark fur on their backs and they were more brownish all over.
    Can it be?

  4. Nothing is impossible, but actually there is no records of Canis aureus at Parnitha mountain and there is only one Jackal species existing in Greece which has very limited population mainly at Northern Greece, but also stil existing at Parnonas mountain and a completely isolated population At Samos island.

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