PBR 2010 (28) – Emberiza hortulana (Βλαχοτσίχλονο)

While following the street with direction form Loutra Evrou towards Dadia forest, i was impressed with the continuous colonies of Ortolan buntings & Bonnelli’s warblers. Both species were my first ever observations (Lifer).

After a week i visited the alpine fields of mount Parnassos. I observed again Ortolan buntings & this time the views were great in impressively close distances. In Greece they have strange distribution habitats. In Evros prefecture they breed at attitudes no more than 300-400 meters from sea level, while in Southern Greece they prefer high attitudes, especially alpine fields. Going southwards to Crete, the species could be found also in lower attitudes (as at Agios Dikaios mount 600-1000 m).

All the photos were taken at Parnassos mount.



~ by Sterna hirundo on 18/09/2010.

2 Responses to “PBR 2010 (28) – Emberiza hortulana (Βλαχοτσίχλονο)”

  1. I love these birds very much!You captured it here very well!

  2. Tks Odysseas. This was only my second observation of Ortolan bunting.

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