Photo Bird Race (5) – Mt Pieria (Ryakia Pierias)


Lanius senator (Woodchat shrike) was the sole shrike species that i managed to observe during the Photo Bird Race.


Sylvia cantillans (Subalpine Warbler).


Parus palustris (Marsh Tit). Although its name there is no preference for marshes.


Emberiza calandra (Corn bunting)


Aegithalos caudatus (Long tailed tit). A restless, fearless tit, not so common (but not rare), easy to observe, difficult to photograph, because of its unstoppable movement.


Streptopelia turtur (Turtle Dove)


Galerida cristata (Crested Lark)

~ by Sterna hirundo on 10/05/2009.

One Response to “Photo Bird Race (5) – Mt Pieria (Ryakia Pierias)”

  1. mixali an theleis allaxeto , ta Riakia anhkoun sto Nomo Pierias.

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