Vourkari Neas Peramou 12/2 – Βουρκάρι Νέας Περάμου 12/2


Gulls on their way to obtain their breeding plumage. The above individual Larus michahelis seems ready. (There is a black spot on its lower mandible which i ‘m not sure if it is a characteristic of this species)
Which are the reasons that define the exact timing of each individual to take the breeding plumage ?
Below a Larus ridibundus semi black-headed. On the same day-place there were a lot of individuals still “white” and a minority of already full black-headed.



Emberiza cirlus (Cirl Bunting)


Phoenicurus ochruros (Black redstart)


Podiceps nigricolis

~ by Sterna hirundo on 17/02/2009.

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