Sitta europaea – Δεντροτσοπανάκος – Eurasian Nuthatch



Initially i thought it was a woodpecker from the drumming sound but instead of that a Nuthatch was there. Very common in Stockholm area and surprisingly brave.



Kyrksjoloten nature reserve 1/9.

~ by Sterna hirundo on 05/09/2008.

2 Responses to “Sitta europaea – Δεντροτσοπανάκος – Eurasian Nuthatch”

  1. I’ve seen a similarily brave Sitta europaea wandering arround on the trank of an old apple tree in southern Luxembourg (Aug 2008). How easy is it to come across them in southern Greece?

  2. Actually i’ve never seen a Sitta europaea in Southern Greece, although it is not a rarity, but according to its distribution it can only be found on (forested) mountains.
    On the contrary at Stockholm region another individual was so brave that tried to feed from a table of a crowded Cafe !

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